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The film deals with the issue of underpaid teachers, and their issue with their self-worth in the face of growing inflation and demands of their family. The middle-class school teacher who works overtime to support his income and to send his children to good schools, ends up in a moral dilemma, when it comes to fulfilling the needs of his ever unsatisfied teenage children. As per producer, Arindam Chaudhuri, "The common question the teacher asks when he looks at his student, who is just 25 and owns a car, is why at 55 he is still riding a scooter? In the end, it is not just the teacher who redeems himself by not succumbing to taking bribes, but also his children who begin to see him in the true light and importance of being a teacher and an honest citizen.

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Rishi Kapoor
Neetu Singh
Archit Krishna
Sefali Shah
Aditi Vasudev

Do Dooni Char2Do Dooni Char Do Dooni Char

58th National Film Awards : Best Hindi film - Do Dooni Chaar
2011 Star Screen Awards : Best Art Direction - Mukund Gupta
2011 Filmfare Awards : Critics Award for Best Performance - Rishi Kapoor, Best Dialogue - Habib Faisal, Best Costume Design - Varsha and Shilpa, Best Production Design - Mukund Gupta

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